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Washington’s Deficit Attention Disorder: The Real Fiscal Illusion

Tyler Cowen’s latest New York Times column proposes to explain the frightening state of the federal government’s finances as a manifestation of “fiscal illusion,” a term used generally to describe a supposed inability of taxpayers to discern the full extent … Continue reading

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Blue-State Economics

The City of San Francisco, always at or near the forefront of social engineering, offers its residents cash payments of $125 to $200 for installing “low-flow” toilets (1.28 gallons per flush as opposed to the federal standard of 1.6 gpf) … Continue reading

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Anyone made of stern enough stuff to frequent blogs and internet comment threads knows that our era is one in which hypocrisy appears to be the gravest, and perhaps the only remaining, sin. Any other human failing, it seems, can … Continue reading

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Los Tontos

Were I Hispanic, I would find mild annoyance in the occasional but widespread misuse of my native tongue by North Americans Who Live South of Canada and North of Mexico, particularly on the part of those homeopathic Hemingways who employ … Continue reading

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Please Use a Spoon

Although this blog is not intended to be exclusively about golf, I decided to dedicate my first post to the site’s eponymous Open champion. At some point in the future, I will undoubtedly propound my views on the unfortunate effects … Continue reading

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