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“The Economist” Lands Out of Bounds

Even the best golfer takes the occasional inexplicably bad swing at a perfectly teed-up ball when his concentration lapses.  Humans being all too fallible, similar lapses mar many other of our ventures, a recent case in point being The Economist‘s enthusiastic citation … Continue reading

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Support Your Local Union, Not Your Union Local

Professor N. Gregory Mankiw points his readers to a brief interview with his colleague Richard Freeman on the topic of labor unions, on which subject Prof. Freeman is a recognized authority. The good professor believes that unions accomplish two desirable ends. … Continue reading

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Washington’s Deficit Attention Disorder: The Real Fiscal Illusion

Tyler Cowen’s latest New York Times column proposes to explain the frightening state of the federal government’s finances as a manifestation of “fiscal illusion,” a term used generally to describe a supposed inability of taxpayers to discern the full extent … Continue reading

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Solidarity Forever

Your humble correspondent is utterly shocked to discover that ultra-rich Arianna Huffington has amassed her enormous fortune through the complete exploitation of her labor force, many of whom are paid nothing at all, enabling this malefactrix of great wealth to … Continue reading

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