“We Are Obama Golfers”

Drudge has featured this video, posted at Real Clear Politics, documenting the latest attempt to motivate students via Obama-inspired incantation.

I will take heart from any true motivation students find in the story of O’s rise, but I confess that I am not sanguine about the likelihood that success will come readily to young men who have been taught that “Mountain, move out of my way,” offers a useful guide to achievement.

Since the President is in the unmistakable throes of golf addiction, why not use that to inspire young men and women everywhere to take up the niblick?  The hard lessons of golf offer preparation for navigating the hazards of life armed with little more than the equivalent of a mid-mashie and the swing of a man trying to kill snakes. The briefest introduction to the game will demonstrate the unhelpfulness of chanting “Move, gorse thicket” as a way to avoid incurring a lost-ball penalty on a wayward tee shot. It will also disclose the positive contributions to success made by diligent practice.

Finally, golf will offer these young men an excellent way to pass the time until a Republican Congress is elected, the recession-extending policies of the Administration are rescinded, and jobs once more become available.

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