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It occurs to me that a common misspelling of “hypocrisy” can serve as a useful neologism to describe a government that systematically operates at a level of competence that is well below any reasonable expectation.  This combination of the prefix … Continue reading

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Anyone made of stern enough stuff to frequent blogs and internet comment threads knows that our era is one in which hypocrisy appears to be the gravest, and perhaps the only remaining, sin. Any other human failing, it seems, can … Continue reading

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Y.E. Yang Misses the Cut

Y.E. Yang, who won the 2009 PGA Championship by being the first player ever to win a professional tournament that was led by Tiger Woods going into the final round, is an extraordinarily skilled golfer who yesterday posted a score on … Continue reading

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“We Are Obama Golfers”

Drudge has featured this video, posted at Real Clear Politics, documenting the latest attempt to motivate students via Obama-inspired incantation. I will take heart from any true motivation students find in the story of O’s rise, but I confess that I … Continue reading

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Gilbert & Sullivan, Hannity & Colmes

Last week the University of Toronto released the news that There is a strong relationship between a voter’s politics and his personality, according to new research from the University of Toronto. Researchers at UofT have shown that the psychological concern … Continue reading

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Don’t Cry for Greene, Carolina

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) is worried of late that his fellow Palmetto Stater Alvin Greene, the Democratic Party’s nominee for U.S. Senate in this fall’s election, has triggered a “sad” national spectacle.  That state’s former Democratic chairman, a Mr. Dick … Continue reading

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Alvin Greene’s No-Budget Campaign

Everybody wants to know how Alvin Greene could beat the mighty Vic Rawl in a one-on-one primary contest.  While Rep. James Clyburn turns over every stone in South Carolina looking for a Republican conspiracy, and Nate Silver flails about for … Continue reading

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