Los Tontos

Were I Hispanic, I would find mild annoyance in the occasional but widespread misuse of my native tongue by North Americans Who Live South of Canada and North of Mexico, particularly on the part of those homeopathic Hemingways who employ the phrase “mano a mano” to mean “man-to-man,” a misuse one presumes to arise from the phonetic similarity of “mano” and “man.”

The latest of such annoyances for me would come from those (including, inevitably, some New York Times editorialistas) applauding the Phoenix NBA franchise’s recent renaming of its team from the “Suns” (a ridiculous team name in itself) to “Los Suns,” a bit of Spanglish meant to proclaim the corporation’s opposition to Arizona’s much-discussed new emphasis on enforcement of immigration laws.

I have no idea why this transitory stunt in Phoenix is getting so much attention when there is another professional sports franchise that has displayed an actual Spanish name on its uniforms for over 50 years.  This team, which should be well-known in the offices of the New York Times, so nobly carrying the banner of multicultural awareness in recognition of the Hispanic past of the US Southwest, is of course the Brooklyn Dodgers, who have called themselves “Los Angeles” since 1958.

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