The Crimson Letter

A certain Mistress Hibbins, former denizen of Cambridge’s lamentably defunct Bow & Arrow, perhaps unreliably informs me that Harvard Law School Dean Martha Minow has decided that Miss Stephanie Grace, the misguided third-year law student who, in a moment of weakness, succumbed to the grievous sin of freethought, shall be spared the traditional form of trial formerly favored by 17th-century Harvardians. Instead, in an act of magnanimity belied by the diminutive stature of the fish that is her family’s eponym, Minow is reported to be ready to allow the unfortunately named Miss Grace to walk freely about Harvard Yard and environs subject to one small proviso:  She must henceforth at all times affix a large letter “R” of bright crimson hue to any articles of clothing she wears, other than those items that cannot be mentioned in polite company.

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