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Nikki Haley for Governor

Now more than ever. Because I like her positions. And I despise ungentlemanly behavior. Advertisements

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Baseball Trade Commentary Made Simple

Being a baseball fan isn’t as easy as it used to be.  Thanks to the internet, comments like “Yay, team!” will expose one to merciless ridicule from those who adjudge their leisure time best spent poring over exacting statistical measures … Continue reading

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Draw Mohammed Day!

I’m not sure I got this right.  Is this close? Maybe this one’s better… Umm, not quite. Wait, I’ve got it! Yes, that’s him. Submission. Update: This post has been deemed Fatwa-worthy® by the inspired creator of the Everyone Draw Mohammed … Continue reading

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Libertarianism and Its Discontents

Rand Paul got himself into trouble recently for appearing to give less than his full support to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  The criticisms of Paul range from the tactical (“How stupid can a candidate be?”) to the ideological … Continue reading

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Los Tontos

Were I Hispanic, I would find mild annoyance in the occasional but widespread misuse of my native tongue by North Americans Who Live South of Canada and North of Mexico, particularly on the part of those homeopathic Hemingways who employ … Continue reading

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The Crimson Letter

A certain Mistress Hibbins, former denizen of Cambridge’s lamentably defunct Bow & Arrow, perhaps unreliably informs me that Harvard Law School Dean Martha Minow has decided that Miss Stephanie Grace, the misguided third-year law student who, in a moment of … Continue reading

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I’ll Spare Matt Yglesias the Trouble

NYC is clearly overreacting to a failed bombing attempt.  After all, more people were killed by lightning strikes in New York State between 1998 and 2008 than were killed by the Times Square Bomb on Saturday night. Of course, the … Continue reading

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